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Most Medicare agents are salesman and have an agenda to push one product over the other.  At White Hat, we call ourselves "Brokers" for a reason.  Our priority is to give you side by side comparisons of different plans from different companies so you can see every option.  And as always, it's 100% free to work with us.

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Health insurance can be confusing, so we worked hard to make it simple. 

What types of senior insurance do you offer?

Just about everything.  Medicare Supplements (MediGap plans), Medicare Advantage, Part D Prescription Drug plans, Dental/ Vision, Long Term Care, and more.  You don't always need all of them, but we are happy to help with anything.  

Will this plan cover my doctors and my prescriptions?

We dive deeper than most to explore your true out-of-pocket costs and coverage.  We'll get your list of prescriptions, doctors, and health needs to ensure that you have the plan that best fits your needs.  We'll send you multiple options to to compare; not just price, but true out of pocket costs and acceptance.

Are Medicare Advantage plans or MediGap plans better?

It is very dependent on each person's situation.  There are many people that can benefit from a Medicare Advantage plan, but in some parts of the country, we don't believe it's a good option.  If the plan does not give easy access to local providers and has limits on out-of-network covers, it may be worth looking at a MediGap plan.  Medigap plans tend to offer the most fixed costs and dependable acceptance, both locally and out of state.  Advantage plans ...

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