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We keep life insurance simple and give you the options to consider.  Term Life is what we recommend most, but we'll happily show you other options.  It's a good idea to shop your options, so we'll show you plans with many different carriers and let you decide.  No pressure, ever, and as always, our service to you is 100% free.

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Life insurance can be confusing, so we worked hard to make it simple

What is the difference between Term and Whole Life?

Good question.  Every life insurance plan will have an associated benefit (for example, $50,000).  For Term Life, this means your designated beneficiary would receive a $50,000 benefit if you were to pass away within the chosen "term" of your policy.  So if it's a 10-year term, the benefit is good for 10 years.  You pay those premiums, and if all is well after 10 years, you can renew the policy (at your new age), but those premiums are essentially ...

What about annuities and "indexed" policies?

It is our opinion that about 95% of people simply need Term Life Insurance.  Life insurance companies have always found ways to increase benefits (and therefore, found ways to increase premiums).  There are life insurance plans that have cash values, some that allow you to reduce premiums and other flexible options.  These types of policies get increasingly complicated, with more opportunities for agents to "sell" you on their benefits.  There are some situations ...

How much Life Insurance do I need?

We recommend you consider your average annual income and what your family would need if you passed away.  This is why term life makes a lot of sense for most people; that income replacement is generally only needed up to a certain age (say 65 for simplicity), at which point the financial reliance from other family members, or your income from a job, diminishes significantly.  We recommend around 5 - 10X your income with a term that will get you around that retirement age (or a little past that age).

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