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Can I get a business plan for just myself?

Sometimes.  Generally , it's not worth it.  There is a misconception that group health insurance plans are cheaper, they almost never are.  The can offer better coverage and PPO options that aren't available to individuals and that can be worth considering.  It's important to know that it will likely be more expensive and most group plans will have minimum participation requirements (like 5 separate employees on the plan).

I've heard of "self-funded" employer-sponsored plans, what is that?

Self-Funded (or Level-funded) plans are growing rapidly in popularity for companies big and small.  They allow the business to have more transparency with their premiums and assume more risk by essentially self-insuring up to a certain amount )at which point you insurance for claims above xx amount).  Most appear like a normal insurance plan to the employees, giving simple access to a common insurance network, but save money for the...

Am I required to offer health insurance to my employees?

It depends on the state, but most of the time you are only required to offer health insurance if you have over 50 Full-Time Employees.  It has become more of an expectation than a requirement for small businesses and can be a significant recruiting and retention factor for smaller business.  There are many flexible options for small businesses including "Reimbursement Methods" that allow more individual choice for your employees.  

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